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55 minutes ago

Originally Posted by Gerrikk View Post

I've defended Tribunal on these forums for years. I have Santa Baron on my main account. Yet for some reason when your new chat restriction system came out this account got a short chat restriction. Any insight into how that happened? Are lesser played accounts more vulnerable to false reports since it's automated now?
Hmm, no, lesser played accounts should be less vulnerable unless they did something quite egregious.

It looks like your account is in "OK" standing, but isn't close to new chat restrictions.

55 minutes ago

Originally Posted by Shonster View Post
Well Lyte, I got a 2 week ban because I probably deserved it. Failing promos about 7 or 8 times drove me up the wall and I was playing on tilt. What i wanted to mention was that my climb up the elo ladder had almost little to no toxic players when I was playing ranked. However, after hitting platinum, i felt like the number of toxic players increased substantially and I noticed that even I started becoming toxic myself.

Essentially, you state that 95% of players are positive or neutral in the total community.. but is there a chunk of players at a certain MMR/elo where the negativity is more common? I feel like a larger number of plat players are toxic and it isn't well represented in the stats because it consists of a small portion of the community. It feels like at this elo people take the game so personally that even the smallest thing sets them off. Of course I'm not saying everyone is like this in plat but I see it more frequently than when i was in bronze/silver/gold..
We do see Ranked modes as having more negativity than other modes, but we do have a few things in the works to address this in the future.

1 hour ago

Originally Posted by Fredmonroe View Post
Hey Lyte,

I don't know if you have information about this, but do reports build up over time? I haven't been punished by any system, but I've been playing since before Season One. I'm curious if all my mini-rages will eventually catch up to me or if I'm in good standing.
No, reports decay over time. You have to be pretty consistently negative or have a few really severe cases to have a negative standing.

1 hour ago

Originally Posted by Modern Support View Post
Hey Lyte,

Again I'll ask do post-lobby chat logs get saved? From what I know they do but I'd like a better response to this.
Yes, they are saved.

2 hours ago

Originally Posted by TheKillerAngel View Post
Hey Lyte,

After discussing chat logs, can we talk about your pending improvements for player behavior systems like the Tribunal, or hypothetical improvements like behavior meters (ex. http://i.imgur.com/4N0sYza.jpg)? I get that public justice can be very entertaining for the community to see but I am genuinely interested in some more substantive areas of discussion.
I'm hoping to do some larger discussions that dive into the designs of these systems in the future. We're working on the features, and want to make sure we're closer to launch before we dive into the discussions. We've been dinged in the past for talking too early, and players gripe that we're just talking and not working.

2 hours ago

Originally Posted by DivineRaiu View Post
What if we are usually pretty decent people, but had a bad day in which you were kind of being a jerk.
I'm sure you can look at what I'm talking about.

Do a few negative games put you in a bad standing in the system?
No, a few negative games usually don't put you into a bad standing unless the offenses were extremely severe (like a RL death threat, or excessive racial slurs). I've mentioned this before, but something like 95% of League of Legends players have never gotten a punishment from any system .

3 hours ago

Originally Posted by Weltall8000 View Post
How do you know this? Seriously, on what basis do you make this assertion?

I received one from the initial wave over a few month break from the game, only to come back to 30 games with a weird new chat restriction, that was infuriating to play with. Anecdotal evidence being what it is, where do you come up with these seemingly baseless figures? Do you randomly survey people when they get out of chat restrictions?
Actually, yes, we've done surveys and focus group testing of players with chat restrictions. We also have systems that track players when they get out of chat restrictions to see if they are getting more reports, acting out more, or improving their behaviors.

Is either one even necessary to begin with? Why isn't mute viable?

Frankly, if you're asking me, I'd say the chat restriction is more frustrating.
Well, for 25% of players that don't improve after 1 chat restriction experience, you could argue some or all of them might find chat restrictions frustrating. We're not saying it's not frustrating for anyone.

But, no, mute is not viable. Whenever a player has to mute someone, the damage is already done. When a player has to mute someone, it's already become a negative experience, and they are having less fun. All mutes do is stop or curb the damage from continuing, not erase what's already happened.

General Discussion RiotTantram Role Icons (Quick Preview) ( 9 hours ago )
9 hours ago

Originally Posted by Kira Onime View Post
As with anything icon related in league, give the game up to 72 hours.
I would never make you wait for an amazing Team Builder icon. It should be available immediately after completing your required number of games. Well .. maybe give it 10 seconds.

14 hours ago

It is a game bug and we are already tracking it.

General Discussion Riot Draggles Patch 4.13 New Bug (Quick Preview) ( 17 hours ago )
17 hours ago

Originally Posted by JustARTificial View Post
Escalate the bug? So she's getting another bug or it's getting worse?
Yeah, here's a pic:

Name:  benscalate.jpgViews: 483Size:  51.7 KB

General Discussion Riot Draggles Patch 4.13 New Bug (Quick Preview) ( 18 hours ago )
18 hours ago

Thanks for spotting this. I'll escalate this now.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by JCTheBeastofZul View Post
I have a question.

If Gnar uses an ability to switch forms is it the Ranged ability that he does or does it switch to the Melee one?
Melee. Though if he uses his E it's a combination of the two versions (bounces as mini Gnar, AOE landing as big Gnar).

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Critsyl View Post
this was not rekt at all. I admitted to toxicity a fair while ago. like a week ago. And i served a fair chat restriction as i stated. The reason im posting here. is in the last 2-3 days i have gotten 2 chat restrictions that hsould not have been placed upon me.
It probably takes more than a week to "recover" to a neutral status--it depends on the severity of your offenses and how recent it was. Like I said, you've made overall improvement but you're still clearly in the "red" so to speak. Given that you have toxic games as recent as 4 days ago, the system isn't going to completely remove chat restrictions off your account.

For example, if you were toxic in 50 games... you aren't going to get back to a neutral state in 5 games of positive behavior.

1 day ago


Looking over the past 100 games, it does look like you have been making an effort; however, you had particularly negative games on 7/22, 7/23 and 7/25. Those 3 examples of chat logs were what resulted in your recent additions of chat restrictions.

If you want to discuss the specific chat logs, happy to do so.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by FlamingoFondue View Post
the sample size doe
The OP had a lot of other examples of negative chat logs, but the 3 were the ones from last week.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by OJ191 View Post
So to clarify if he has 500 HP out of 1000 in miniform or 50% of max HP

And his form change will give him +250 HP to 750 out of 1250 or 60% of max HP

when he shifts back to miniform he will have 600 HP not 750 HP, because 600 is 60% of 1000 HP
That's correct.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Loken Stoneheart View Post
If it functions like Nasus/Renekton ult, so long as his current HP is lower than his max HP in miniform, it essentially functions as a heal.
Gnar keeps the same health % when he shifts from big form to small form so that his passive doesn't give him too much free healing over time.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Durzaka View Post
Wait, what?

Why does his range scale up?
Basically 500 range Gnar was too oppressive in lane while 400 range Gnar was somewhat useless in teamfights. Scaling the range allowed us to realize the play patterns we wanted throughout the course of the entire game.
Originally Posted by Minimum Urgot View Post
Wait, isn't that Tristana's shtick? Is that even necessary?
Still pretty short though, so I'm not mad [yet].
While the base mechanic (gains range per lvl) is technically the same I feel they pan out very differently in feel and fantasy. To me this component of Gnar's passive reads "your range goes from bad to less bad." Tristana's passive reads "your range will eventually become THE BEST IN THE GAME!"

1 day ago

So yes Gnar's W does a decent chunk of damage. I won't comment on whether or not it's OP (numbers can change) but I will throw out 2 things to think about.

Gnar's range is very low which requires him to put himself in some degree of danger when AA'ing enemies. It starts at 400 and reaches 502 at level 18.

The number of W procs Gnar can get is gated by the fact that every AA brings him closer to transforming at which point he loses access to his ranged AA's and his W proc.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Meleti View Post
This is the big question mark in every Gnar thread. Those of us on the forums here have no idea how exactly the transformation mechanic works, so we're just speculating.
Here's the nitty-gritty on Gnar's transform. I'm avoiding listing numbers as they are subject to change.

-Gnar gains X rage every second while he is in combat. In combat is defined as dealing or taking damage.
-Gnar gains X rage whenever he AA's a unit or hits them with a boomerang. Minions and monsters give 25% rage.
-The amount of rage generated (X) starts low and increases with level, maxing at level 11.
-Gnar's rage will fall off slowly if he spends a very long time out of combat (much longer than Trynd or Renekton).
-When Gnar reaches 100 rage his next spell will be cast as Mega Gnar and cause him to transform. If he casts no spells he will transform after 4 seconds.
-Mega Gnar lasts for 15 seconds.
-After transforming back to mini form Gnar will become tired and be unable to gain rage for Y seconds.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by ShiznazTM View Post

R - GNAR! - Can ONLY BE USED as a TRIGGER to transform into Mega-Gnar, AKA; if you are not Mini-Gnar you CANNOT use the ability. (It becomes disabled as Mega-Gnar.)
Hrmm if that's how it's working that's a bug. Big Gnar should be able to use his ult...

1 day ago

Originally Posted by FluffyJeff View Post
They need time to make an excuse as to why they can ban toxic players, but can't ban Kaceytron? They need more than a month to explain why they can't buff Olaf? And they can't even give one reason to buff traditional supports?

  • Small buffs in 4.13, aimed in particular at compensating him for the loss of CDR/health items that used to be good on him (CD reductions, increased W healing amp).

Some 'traditional' support stuff in progress:

  • Alistar buffed in 4.12
  • Small Janna buffs in 4.13.
  • We looked at shifting some Soraka changes from her gameplay update to 4.13, didn't work well without the rest of the kit changes however, so there's love for her coming but it's further off.
  • 4.13 also includes a moderate sized gameplay update for Sona, aimed at giving her a playstyle there's more room to balance properly (old aura's had low gameplay relative to their power).
  • Nami's too strong, we're cutting a little power from her in 4.13
  • Lulu's too strong in solo lanes, top in particular. We're cutting power from that case in 4.13, looking at whether we should add some to support Lulu and if so how

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Solmyr View Post
Can you answer a question for us about the pronunciation of Gnar's name?

Is it a silent G or a hard G?
Silent G.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by Axxuka View Post
Meddler could you tell us if it's the champion Both Certainlyt and Gypsylord worked on ? Is it you ? I Know Gypsy and Certainlyt said they were working on a champ coming next but not sure if it got delayed/shelved or if it's Gnar.

Thanks for the reply if you do
Both Gypsylord and I have done gameplay design work on Gnar. Gypsylord's definitely done more of the work than I have though, particularly in the later parts of Gnar's development (most of my hands on contributions were in the earlier stages). CertainlyT's currently focused on another champion that's earlier in the production process.

Important to point out here though that gameplay design's just a piece of what goes into a champion however. A wide range of people are part of making a character like this (animators, visual effects artists, modellers, producers, QA, 2D artists, sound designers, writers, software engineers, playtesters from a wide range of disciplines etc) - gameplay design's just one piece of the puzzle.

, and a whole bunch of other Rioteers have been involved in his development as well . CertainlyT's currently doing the gameplay for another champion in production.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Arkon Tri View Post
You will NEVER get rid of toxic players until you understand that anonymity is what causes it and that the only way you can reduce or get rid of it is to make it worth more to be nice then to be toxic. This system does just that. Your system does nothing but cause toxicity. Ever since it started the people you have banned have just made new accounts and are now raging on new player. Is that what your grand idea was? To have raging smurfs attacking new player?
Here's where you disagree with a lot of recent research by multiple university labs. A lot of recent research has shown that online toxicity is not about anonymity. If you look at news, social media and other games that force you to reveal your real ID and often personal profile to post comments, there's still an insane amount of toxicity. What the research has shown is that the problem is a lack of consequences for actions , and this has very little to do with anonymity.

Secondly, the current systems don't create more toxicity. Many players that are banned for racism, sexism or homophobia quit League of Legends and never play again, and that is exactly what we wanted. They'll rage on the forums and complain, but that's expected when you tell a group of players they don't belong in this community. For the small number of players that do make new accounts, they'll keep getting banned until they quit as well.

Third, there's actually a system in place at low levels already that separates toxic smurfs away from other players and then bans them. We knew some of the toxic players would make new accounts when they got banned, and we did want to protect new players. However, we see that for many toxic players a few bans does get them to quit permanently. Prisoner's Island systems don't solve this issue by the way... many players just create new accounts when they enter Prisoner's Island anyways.

I agree that for most players, making it 'worth it' to be nice is more effective, and we've been working on efforts to reward those players and give them more reasons to reflect on why being positive = awesome. However, we're always going to need pretty aggressive systems for the small % of players that refuse to change. For these players, we just want to ban them repeatedly until they take their time elsewhere.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by PapaFizz View Post
Translation: No new system, were just ganna make LeaverBuster Ban kids who leave more often.
Wrong, it has entirely new penalties and doesn't use bans.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Arkon Tri View Post
"oh i got banned, that's ok I can create a new account and replace my old one in a week or two, no biggie."
"oh i am stuck playing with nothing but toxic ass hats, I'll make a new account and this time I won't be a ass hat to people cause I'll end up right where I was again."
Could you explain why these two are different?

If you're banned, why isn't it "damn I lost my account that I invested in, I'll make a new one and not be an ass or I'll lose that account too."

If you're in low reputation queue, why isn't it "damn I am stuck in low priority/low reputation again, that's ok! Time to make a new account and replace my old one in a week or two, no biggie."

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Dorans Cadillac View Post
What about just giving real rewards for positive behavior instead of ethereal rewards for various strange types of positive behavior like you do now? Now matter how hard I try to be a great teammate, tell everyone gj constantly and carry my games, I can never hold onto my teamwork ribbons on any account. What if you just used this guys positivity system and made it publically viewable and gave rewards? At least that way we could see when we have the toxic trash teammates in Champ Select instead of when they start flaming us for incorrect item buys and gank decisions? You didn't really address this guy's idea, just Riot's own idea of why "Prisoner's Island" is a bad thing.
We have to go back and finish the Honor Initiative, and that'll explain a lot of the reasons why Honor was setup the way it is but seems incomplete.

For example, right now there's an issue with the Honor Ribbons where it's simply rewarded to the top 20% of positive players on every server. Most of these players tend to play modes like ARAM and Co-op vs Bots because these modes simply have really high Honor give rates; so, you won't see ribbons as much in Normals or Ranked. One of the fixes is making sure that we reward ribbons per queue, and not just per server.

Secondly, we have some rewards for the Honor Initiative that are more consistent. Right now, Ribbons are the top 20%, but there's nothing for the everyday player who wants to be recognized for being positive while working their way up.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by teninchessoft View Post
How about don't start behavioral rating until like lvl 15?

I think the prisoner island thing is fine. If they decide to change then they can move up.
Ironically, what we find is that when you actually put players together in Prisoner's Island and all 10 players are actually consistently toxic players for subjective behaviors like verbal abuse... it's nearly impossible to change.

Again, Prisoner's Island type systems work OK for behaviors like Leaving/AFKs which are binary, but are very, very counter-productive for subjective behaviors.

2 days ago

The compensation that Pwyff mentions in his post was given in June 2013. Here's a post from Demorphic (sorry the formatting is a little broken!) where more is explained.