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7 hours ago

Originally Posted by Mad Policecars View Post
Couldn't, ya know, do your job properly and move it to off-topic?
I know a lot of you guys. You might not realize it. But I'm on the forums more than I'd like to admit. It's not too hard to remember you guys.

I recognize your names.

If it's a poster I think is legit confused about the nature of this sub-forum, I'll move them to Off Topic.

A lot of the posters here though know that Off-Topic exists. They just don't care, or are lazy.

And honestly, if you're too lazy to post in the right sub-forum, I'm too lazy to move your post.

8 hours ago

Originally Posted by Mad Policecars View Post
That's actually a fairly logical conclusion.
Though it seems to me they're just trying to have a conversation with their colleagues, instead of talk to the same three people on a dead forum.

I always found it funny though. If all the Off Topic trolls went to the Off Topic forum it would be a pretty happening place.

8 hours ago

Originally Posted by Ganiklis View Post
Wookie, tell me you said to your boss "And honestly, if you're too lazy to post in the right sub-forum, I'm too lazy to move your post." before you decided to post it??

My boss also knows who a lot of the troll posters are too.

9 hours ago

Originally Posted by engieninja View Post
Personally, I think that if Riot actually hired psychologists to help reduce toxicity in the League community, they'd probably look for people who've already seen it all and don't have a sanity to snap.

I used to work Disney Online games'. League is the minor leagues compared to the twisted minds of 12 year olds.

I've seen some **** man.

9 hours ago

I think I closed your math thread because it's off topic and we have a forum for that.

10 hours ago

Originally Posted by Color Deaf View Post
There's a lot more off-topic stuff on GD than that tbh.

True. But GD doesn't have to sleep or work. I do.

10 hours ago

Originally Posted by jaymc1130 View Post
isn't it kinda called gd at the moment?



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1 day ago

Thank you for the awesome report! We are aware of this issue. For the time being, please don't dance as Azir with Sand Soldiers

1 day ago

Originally Posted by DiggerPat View Post
To appearances, OP is in fact trying to "cool it". We can lay off the #reking crew now.

Just an FYI though OP: Vegas Dad is one of the ragiest ragers you'd ever have the misfortune to meet ever since he got banned a short while ago. You don't really want to be agreeing with him.
Agree. I generally haven't re-visited threads after posting in them, so let's make this very clear: Being toxic towards someone because they had chat logs posted or spewing obscenities/homophobic/sexual/racial slurs at toxic players on the forums will result in forum bans and in egregious cases I've seen mods ban in-game accounts for forum behavior as well.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by swiftxtheshadow View Post
I would like to see more of my match chat logs and know if Lyte can find any others in the past month.

Those two games really warrant the severest punishment possible??? I don't believe that.

I think it's a mistake, that those two games which are in a row are isolated events, and that I was accidentally escalated from a chat restriction to this ban.
Unfortunately not at my desk right now, but there were a lot more than 2 examples. When we pull chat logs it's usually going back 2 weeks maximum, and I remember that you had a really high % of games that had offensive examples (i.e = higher than 25%).

1 day ago

As a Leona main I'm partial to "Get Sunned, Son."

Against a Lucian to Lux bot lane: "Do you even light?"

Crushing with a Lucian or Lux: "Photons OP."

1 day ago


You keep getting chat restrictions because you're calling teammates "trash," "b*tch," "little sh*ts," and more. You're also using homophobic slurs like "F*CK YOU LESBIAN" and sexual slurs like telling people to "j*zz" on you, and referencing "deep sh*t."

General Discussion Riot MechaMoose C++ Help (Quick Preview) ( 1 day ago )
1 day ago

An escape option would be good too. So if a user types in exit or something, they can break out of the whole thing and not stuck getting the "please input a valid number" thing. Right now your user has no way to get out except for closing the app and relaunching it. What if they made a typo inputting the first number? An elegant way to start over could be nice... if you do what Innue said you could just reset the count and sum total and have a way for someone to easily start over without relaunching the app.

This is all fluff of course but it's never a bad idea to think about various use cases.

1 day ago

Originally Posted by swiftxtheshadow View Post
Previous Thread:
http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com....php?t=4862464 (4 days old, 5,300 views, 17 pages of bumps {on that thread alone}, been on front page twice while Lyte was posting)

Like I was really having fun lately playing the game. Getting to know champion mechanics and trying some creative stuff and succeeding with it. It was great.

But I just got rather randomly banned for 2 weeks with a threat of perma if "it" happens again. It says I used hate speech.

I swear that I have NEVER used hate speech ever in my life or its equivalent or anything approaching it.

I would like the chat logs. I really think it's a mistake. I was put on a chat restriction 3 days before my ban, was confused, asking for the chat logs, and I didn't play any games because I was confused and didn't want to do or say anything I wasn't supposed to, and wanted to get some clarification about what is and isn't acceptable (I thought it was pretty clear, insulting and personal attacks are wrong, and communicating with one's team is otherwise pretty much fine, but I guess not). I didn't play any games, but 3 days later got a 14-day ban w/ threat of perma.

I don't mind the ban. I don't really care. I can take a break from the game or whatever.

I just want to know am I REALLY in danger of being permanently banned?

Again I think it was a mistake since I got 30 game chat restriction -> to ban w/ threat of perma.

If you close this thread, please tell me why.

I've emailed support about it and was recommended to discuss here. (going on 4 days ago now, with still no human response)

I've made other posts about this where more details about what it COULD be are given and if you want to look those up to get more details, feel welcome to, but I don't think the details given in those posts could POSSIBLY warrant a threat of perma ban or a completely false accusation of hate speech.

Thank you

Like I JUST got to level 30, looking forward to buying enough champs to play ranked, have made a bunch of great friends on the game, and I'm in danger of losing my account ... for what exactly?
Hey swiftxtheshadow,

Escalated bans (when players get a 14-day or permanent ban instead of a chat restriction) aren't just for hate speech. For example, excessive spamming or verbal abuse can lead to escalated bans. In your case, it looks like you showed excessive verbal abuse in a large number of your games.

For example, your recent chat logs look like this:

[14:54] swiftxtheshadow: LEONA
[14:59] swiftxtheshadow: YOU ARE GETTING REPORTED
[15:01] swiftxtheshadow: FOR BUILDING ARMOR
[15:04] swiftxtheshadow: AND NOT A ****ING LOCKET
[15:17] swiftxtheshadow: ARMOR
[15:19] swiftxtheshadow: U ARE STUPID
[15:20] swiftxtheshadow: LEONA
[15:22] swiftxtheshadow: REPORTED
[16:55] swiftxtheshadow: ****ing quinn
[16:57] swiftxtheshadow: useless
[17:09] swiftxtheshadow: WOW U ULT
[17:11] swiftxtheshadow: U ARE STUPID
[17:16] swiftxtheshadow: USE YOUR Q NON ULT
[17:22] swiftxtheshadow: U KNOW ULT MAKES U MELEE RANGE???
[17:25] swiftxtheshadow: NOT RANGE???
[18:28] swiftxtheshadow: FINISH YOUR ****ING FROZNE HEART THEN LEONA
[33:25] swiftxtheshadow: USE YOUR ****ING SKILLS


[3:07] swiftxtheshadow: ffs
[8:53] swiftxtheshadow: wtf shen
[8:54] swiftxtheshadow: wtf
[9:00] swiftxtheshadow: wtf corki
[9:11] swiftxtheshadow: SERIOUSLY!
[9:15] swiftxtheshadow: RENGAR YOU ****ING JUST FED
[9:18] swiftxtheshadow: JUST WALKED THE **** IN
[9:21] swiftxtheshadow: WITH 1% HP
[9:25] swiftxtheshadow: U GETTINGF ****ING REPORTED
[9:28] swiftxtheshadow: CORKI ****ING SITTING THERE
[9:30] swiftxtheshadow [ALL]: WE ARE PINGING
[9:34] swiftxtheshadow: HE DOESN"T ****ING COME
[9:36] swiftxtheshadow: **** U BOTH
[10:18] swiftxtheshadow: ignored
[10:24] swiftxtheshadow: ****ing idiot feeder
[10:28] swiftxtheshadow: WALK AWAY FROM TOWER
[10:31] swiftxtheshadow: WITH 1% HP
[10:33] swiftxtheshadow: ****ING
[10:34] swiftxtheshadow: WTF
[10:52] swiftxtheshadow: ignored
[10:55] swiftxtheshadow: **** u tristana
[10:58] swiftxtheshadow: i'm surrendinger
[11:35] swiftxtheshadow: USE YOUR TRINKET
[11:37] swiftxtheshadow: C ORKI
[11:38] swiftxtheshadow: USE
[11:39] swiftxtheshadow: YOUR
[11:40] swiftxtheshadow: ****ING
[11:41] swiftxtheshadow: TRINKET
[12:09] swiftxtheshadow: \use it on the ****ing tower
[12:11] swiftxtheshadow: u
[13:33] swiftxtheshadow [ALL]: U LIKE THTAT
[13:54] swiftxtheshadow: i'm ****ing done
[13:58] swiftxtheshadow: **** this whole team
[20:29] swiftxtheshadow: u r the worst
[20:31] swiftxtheshadow: on this team
[23:51] swiftxtheshadow: surrender
[23:54] swiftxtheshadow: '/surrender
[24:05] swiftxtheshadow: u guys
[24:07] swiftxtheshadow: r ****ing trolls
[25:07] swiftxtheshadow: HEY CORKI
[25:08] swiftxtheshadow: MAYBE
[25:10] swiftxtheshadow: DO SOMETHING
[25:11] swiftxtheshadow: IDK?
[41:10] swiftxtheshadow: u ****ing troll ass mother****er
[41:18] swiftxtheshadow [ALL]: fk u yi


[22:16] swiftxtheshadow: HLLO TEAM?
[22:19] swiftxtheshadow: i'm done then
[22:21] swiftxtheshadow: **** you guys
[22:41] swiftxtheshadow: you guys are doing literally nothing
[23:35] swiftxtheshadow: I AM DOING MOST OF THE PUSHING
[23:39] swiftxtheshadow: AND MOST OF THE GANKING
[23:42] swiftxtheshadow: like
[23:46] swiftxtheshadow: MORE THAN ALL FOUR OF YOU COMBINED
[24:41] swiftxtheshadow: u neglect your lane so ****ing bad
[29:44] swiftxtheshadow: recall gragas
[29:46] swiftxtheshadow: and do more ****
[29:49] swiftxtheshadow: use your ****ing skills
[31:58] swiftxtheshadow [ALL]: report amaumu and gragas for inactive please


2 days ago

Originally Posted by Protects My Neck View Post
Man... logic is not your strong point.
I guess I need to spell this out for you. Lots of people play basketball. Few are professionals. As a result, when you're just playing a street game or a pick up game at the rec, you aren't held to NBA standards. However, the NBA, its players, and ITS EMPLOYEES are held to a high standard, because they get paid to be a part of the sport on a professional level. Lyte is getting paid. He's part of the professional organization. Therefore, just like any NBA exec, he's open to criticism and demands to be fired.
I've made my fair share of mistakes, and it's definitely in the player's right to demand more results, or better results. However, let's try to keep the discussion on constructive topics instead of personal attacks.

I noticed that your account was permanently banned--is part of the problem you don't believe the ban was warranted, or that we're not doing enough to players who are exhibiting negative behaviors? The systems in place are currently community-driven, but are still conservative. We're taking baby steps with the systems to ensure that the accuracy rates are high, and we have as few false positives as possible. You can ignore the numbers, but it's true that we see about 75% of players "reform" and do not get a 2nd punishment. In fact, less than 10% of players that are banned write a complaint because they immediately know what behaviors led to the ban.

We're also expanding systems to target Leavers/AFKs more aggressively, and gameplay toxicity more aggressively. What else is a major problem that players are concerned about? Let's see what we can do.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by CashingStacks View Post
Last month I was banned for two weeks for my poor behavior in solo queue. I crossed the line many times during that phase and I likely upset many people, but I did my time. After my two week ban, I came back to the game with a fresh outlook. I seriously toned down my chatting and never let my emotions get the best of me to the point where I would AFK or feed intentionally.

I woke up this morning to find this lovely email:

I would just respectfully ask Lyte to post the chat logs that have led to my ban this time around. I do not believe I have behaved in a way that has warranted another two week ban, but if I did I would like some information regarding what I'm doing wrong and how I can fix it.

Have I been an A+ star student? Of course not. I can count two or three times where I have lost composure in a game and probably interjected some keyboard spam out of rage, but I have NEVER personally attacked ANY PERSON. I have never even called someone DUMB. I never use sexist, homophobic, or racist comments.

Could you please post my logs and point me in the right direction?
Hey CashingStacks,

It doesn't look like the ban was double jeopardy. Although you've been working on your in-game behavior, it's still quite negative and worthy of a punishment but it's not because of excessive abuse or racial/homophobic/sexual slurs. It looks like you were banned due to excessive spamming of negative comments in a large number of games. For example, here are a few chat logs where you do attack someone directly and are repeatedly spamming the game:

[4:07] CashingStacks: TEEMO COME
[4:11] CashingStacks: I will afk rigth now
[4:21] CashingStacks: I'm done
[4:32] CashingStacks: So I'm done
[4:38] CashingStacks: YOU IDIOT
[7:08] CashingStacks [ALL]: Kid
[7:49] CashingStacks [ALL]: TEEMO
[7:50] CashingStacks [ALL]: WTDF
[7:50] CashingStacks: jkkf
[7:51] CashingStacks: asdfj
[7:52] CashingStacks: [
[7:53] CashingStacks: GYS
[7:54] CashingStacks: GUYS
[7:55] CashingStacks: TEEMO
[7:58] CashingStacks: IS LOSING THE GAME
[8:00] CashingStacks: FOR US
[8:02] CashingStacks: WTF DUDE
[8:04] CashingStacks: SHES IN OUR JUNG
[8:08] CashingStacks: AND YOU WONT COME
[8:10] CashingStacks: ?????
[8:14] CashingStacks [ALL]: Yep
[8:17] CashingStacks [ALL]: I might just afk
[8:26] CashingStacks: DO WHAT?
[8:34] CashingStacks: HOW?
[8:35] CashingStacks: TEEMO WONT HELP ME
[8:38] CashingStacks: I CANT DO ANYTHIGN DUDE
[8:40] CashingStacks: I CANT EVEN GET
[8:42] CashingStacks: MY OWN RED BUFF
[8:46] CashingStacks: RIVEN WALKS IN AND KILLS ME
[8:49] CashingStacks: WTFR???
[8:51] CashingStacks: ??????
[8:54] CashingStacks: YES I NEED TO RELY ON HIM
[9:04] CashingStacks: IM BEHIND
[9:08] CashingStacks: AND HE WONT HELP
[9:10] CashingStacks: For?
[9:19] CashingStacks: IM NOT IFHGITNG HER
[9:22] CashingStacks: IM GETING MY BUFFS
[9:25] CashingStacks: SHE ATTACKED ME
[9:26] CashingStacks: IN OUR JUNGLE
[9:29] CashingStacks: I TRIED TO RUN AWAY
[9:31] CashingStacks: I DIDNT FIGHT HER
[9:50] CashingStacks: It's fine
[9:52] CashingStacks: It's your fault


[31:53] CashingStacks: FFS
[31:54] CashingStacks: I TOLD YOU GUYS
[31:55] CashingStacks: DONT FIGHT
[31:57] CashingStacks: ****
[31:59] CashingStacks: WILL YOU JUST LISTEN
[32:05] CashingStacks: WHY DID YOU RUN AT THEM
[35:42] CashingStacks: WHAT ARE YOU DOPING
[35:43] CashingStacks: OH MY GOD
[35:47] CashingStacks: WHAT THE ****
[35:48] CashingStacks: SEIROUSLY
[35:55] CashingStacks: WTF
[35:58] CashingStacks: Is this bronze???


[34:11] CashingStacks: WHY DONT YOU GUYS LISTEN
[34:14] CashingStacks: ****


[35:54] CashingStacks: GO
[36:00] CashingStacks: WTF GUYS
[36:03] CashingStacks: WE DONT NEED DRAOGN
[36:27] CashingStacks: LEAVER IT
[36:29] CashingStacks: JUST GO MID
[36:29] CashingStacks: MID
[36:30] CashingStacks: MID
[36:30] CashingStacks: MID
[36:31] CashingStacks: MID
[36:31] CashingStacks: MID
[36:34] CashingStacks: GO
[36:44] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[36:44] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[36:47] CashingStacks: im done
[36:50] CashingStacks: im 5 sedonds
[36:52] CashingStacks: from being done
[37:07] CashingStacks: I'm 5 seconds
[37:08] CashingStacks: from being doen
[37:09] CashingStacks: ko[p
[37:09] CashingStacks: f
[37:10] CashingStacks: \wetropjasdiofasd"fasdjijkilo]p
[37:10] CashingStacks: [
[37:11] CashingStacks: sdef
[37:13] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:14] CashingStacks: VAY E
[37:15] CashingStacks: zVAYBn
[37:17] CashingStacks: \
[37:28] CashingStacks: vayne JUST THRW ETHE GAME
[37:29] CashingStacks: VATYNE
[37:30] CashingStacks: VTYANE]
[37:34] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:37] CashingStacks: WILL YKOU ****ING LISTEN
[37:38] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:57] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:58] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:58] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[37:59] CashingStacks: WTF
[38:01] CashingStacks [ALL]: Report vayne
[38:03] CashingStacks [ALL]: Itentional trolling
[38:13] CashingStacks: GROUP MID GUYS
[38:15] CashingStacks: WE CAN STILL WIN
[38:16] CashingStacks: VAYNE
[38:17] CashingStacks: ****ING RGROUP
[38:26] CashingStacks: Vayne wtf?
[38:33] CashingStacks: WTF YOU MEAN TOXICV
[38:35] CashingStacks: YOU WONT COMMUNICATE
[38:36] CashingStacks: AND YOU ARE AFKING
[38:46] CashingStacks: EVEYRONE MID
[38:47] CashingStacks: STOP GOING BOT
[38:48] CashingStacks: STOP
[38:48] CashingStacks: STOp
[38:49] CashingStacks: STOP
[38:51] CashingStacks: JUST GO MIOD
[38:51] CashingStacks: AND FISH
[38:53] CashingStacks: FINISH
[38:54] CashingStacks: FINISH MID
[39:02] CashingStacks: RENEKTON
[39:02] CashingStacks: MID
[39:03] CashingStacks: MID
[39:03] CashingStacks: MID
[39:04] CashingStacks: MID
[39:04] CashingStacks: MID
[39:05] CashingStacks: MID
[39:05] CashingStacks: MID
[39:16] CashingStacks: RENEKTOn
[39:16] CashingStacks: COME MID
[39:35] CashingStacks: DONT GO BOT
[39:36] CashingStacks: GO MID
[39:38] CashingStacks: NO TURRET MID
[39:39] CashingStacks: GET INHIB
[39:46] CashingStacks: GET INHIB MID
[40:12] CashingStacks: END
[40:16] CashingStacks: FOR ****S SAKE
[40:35] CashingStacks: juist back
[40:38] CashingStacks: god this is so ****ing hard
[40:39] CashingStacks: for you guys
[40:41] CashingStacks: to just do that
[40:42] CashingStacks: GROUP MID
[40:43] CashingStacks: STOP GOING BOT
[40:45] CashingStacks: WE DONT NEED BOT
[40:49] CashingStacks: If we didn't atke all the poke bot
[40:50] CashingStacks: We would of won
[40:53] CashingStacks: And ended
[40:56] CashingStacks: JUST GO MID
[41:08] CashingStacks: MID GUYS
[41:16] CashingStacks: ALL MID
[41:26] CashingStacks: I KNOW
[41:28] CashingStacks: END THE GAME
[41:29] CashingStacks: MID
[41:29] CashingStacks: NO
[41:30] CashingStacks: NO
[41:30] CashingStacks: NO
[41:31] CashingStacks: NO
[41:31] CashingStacks: No
[41:32] CashingStacks: NO
[41:35] CashingStacks: I'm leaving the game in 5 minutes
[41:37] CashingStacks: if we don't end
[41:40] CashingStacks: No lie
[41:41] CashingStacks: Try me
[41:55] CashingStacks: IF WE FIGHT MID
[41:58] CashingStacks: WE END THE GAMER
[42:01] CashingStacks: DONT
[42:01] CashingStacks: VAYEN
[42:15] CashingStacks: jim done
[42:16] CashingStacks: im done
[42:19] CashingStacks: good luck guys
[42:20] CashingStacks: im done
[42:24] CashingStacks: im done
[42:27] CashingStacks: if vayne isn't mid
[42:28] CashingStacks: in 1 minuyte
[42:29] CashingStacks: im done
[42:31] CashingStacks: permanenlt
[42:34] CashingStacks: I have groceries
[42:35] CashingStacks: To go put up
[42:37] CashingStacks: 1 minute
[42:38] CashingStacks: you have
[42:49] CashingStacks: the game is WAY too long
[42:54] CashingStacks: Im' doen.
[42:55] CashingStacks: I'm done.
[42:56] CashingStacks: I'm done.
[42:57] CashingStacks: UNtil vayne is mid
[42:58] CashingStacks: I'm done
[42:59] CashingStacks: I didn't go afk
[43:00] CashingStacks: I had to bakc
[43:02] CashingStacks: I got low
[43:03] CashingStacks: From shrooms
[43:08] CashingStacks: Not until vayne
[43:10] CashingStacks: Groups mid
[43:11] CashingStacks: When the whoel team
[43:12] CashingStacks: Is alive
[43:20] CashingStacks: NO
[43:21] CashingStacks: WE CAN WIN
[43:23] CashingStacks: TRUST ME
[43:35] CashingStacks: YES WE CAN
[43:41] CashingStacks: YES WE CAN
[43:42] CashingStacks: WE CAN EACE
[43:43] CashingStacks: EASY
[43:46] CashingStacks: I CAN 1 SHOT
[43:47] CashingStacks: LUCIAN
[43:54] CashingStacks: ONLY WAY WE LSOE
[43:57] CashingStacks: IS IF WE FIGHT
[43:58] CashingStacks: UNDER TURRET
[44:01] CashingStacks: DONT GO BOT
[44:33] CashingStacks: see?
[44:34] CashingStacks: We just get poked
[44:40] CashingStacks: see?
[44:42] CashingStacks: GO
[44:43] CashingStacks: MID
[44:45] CashingStacks: FIGHT AT INHIIBV
[44:48] CashingStacks: XXERATRH
[44:49] CashingStacks: NO
[44:49] CashingStacks: NO
[44:50] CashingStacks: N
[45:02] CashingStacks: XERATH
[45:03] CashingStacks: MID
[45:04] CashingStacks [ALL]: MID
[45:06] CashingStacks: MID
[45:15] CashingStacks: FFS
[45:16] CashingStacks: FFSF
[45:17] CashingStacks: MID
[45:17] CashingStacks: MID
[45:18] CashingStacks: MID
[45:18] CashingStacks: MID
[45:19] CashingStacks: MID
[45:19] CashingStacks: MID
[45:19] CashingStacks: o[
[45:29] CashingStacks: ZXERAHT
[45:30] CashingStacks: XESRjsdfioanmj
[45:32] CashingStacks: XERATH
[45:33] CashingStacks: ZXETRATH
[45:33] CashingStacks: XIHJOfasweiojcvasdf'
[45:34] CashingStacks: [sdfajifasdk[p
[45:35] CashingStacks: '
[45:36] CashingStacks: sda.fj[
[45:37] CashingStacks: fdskaopfdkasldf{
[45:47] CashingStacks: XERATH
[45:49] CashingStacks: XERATH
[45:50] CashingStacks: XE=asderijfosd
[45:51] CashingStacks: dfshiafkd[
[45:51] CashingStacks: a[fjipasdfsdaf
[45:51] CashingStacks: aFMKL:
[45:59] CashingStacks: IF YOU WOULD OF GROUPED MID
[46:01] CashingStacks: WE WOULD OF WON THE GAME
[46:03] CashingStacks: WILL YOU GUYS
[46:04] CashingStacks: JUST
[46:06] CashingStacks: GROUP
[46:07] CashingStacks: MID
[46:07] CashingStacks: AS
[46:08] CashingStacks: 5
[46:09] CashingStacks: GROUP
[46:10] CashingStacks: Mid
[46:10] CashingStacks: as
[46:11] CashingStacks: 5
[46:12] CashingStacks: GROUP
[46:12] CashingStacks: MID
[46:13] CashingStacks: as
[46:14] CashingStacks: 5
[46:15] CashingStacks: Group
[46:15] CashingStacks: mid
[46:16] CashingStacks: as
[46:16] CashingStacks: 5
[46:17] CashingStacks: group
[46:18] CashingStacks: mid
[46:19] CashingStacks: as
[46:19] CashingStacks: 5
[46:20] CashingStacks: grou
[46:21] CashingStacks: mid
[46:21] CashingStacks: as
[46:22] CashingStacks: 5
[46:24] CashingStacks: JUST DO IT
[46:25] CashingStacks: ONE TIME
[46:25] CashingStacks: ONE TIME
[46:26] CashingStacks: ONE TIME
[46:27] CashingStacks: MID
[46:28] CashingStacks: AS
[46:29] CashingStacks: 5
[46:30] CashingStacks: MID
[46:30] CashingStacks: A
[46:31] CashingStacks: 56
[46:35] CashingStacks: IONE TIME
[46:46] CashingStacks: Listen now
[46:47] CashingStacks: I'm afk
[46:51] CashingStacks: If you aren't all mid
[46:54] CashingStacks: in the nex tminute
[46:56] CashingStacks: I swear to ****ing god
[46:57] CashingStacks: I will afk
[46:58] CashingStacks: Right now
[46:59] CashingStacks: 5 seconds
[47:03] CashingStacks: I swear
[47:04] CashingStacks: to
[47:05] CashingStacks: god
[47:07] CashingStacks: I have to leavce
[47:10] CashingStacks: You guys are dragging the game on
[47:13] CashingStacks: I am leaving in 5 seconds
[47:38] CashingStacks: END
[47:39] CashingStacks: THE
[47:39] CashingStacks: GAME
[47:48] CashingStacks: VAYEN
[47:49] CashingStacks: MID
[48:08] CashingStacks: I DONT CRE
[48:11] CashingStacks: I JUST WNAT TO END THE GAME
[48:15] CashingStacks: I HAVE TO ELAVE
[48:24] CashingStacks: WAIT FOR RENEK
[48:29] CashingStacks: I GUESS
[48:39] CashingStacks: I'm leaving in 4 minutes
[48:42] CashingStacks: no matter what happens
[48:44] CashingStacks: so good luck guys
[48:47] CashingStacks: Listen to me or not
[48:50] CashingStacks: I recommend
[48:51] CashingStacks: You group mid
[49:19] CashingStacks [ALL]: END
[49:20] CashingStacks: END
[49:26] CashingStacks: RENE[49:28] CashingStacks: STAY
[49:30] CashingStacks: STAY
[49:38] CashingStacks: TELEPORT
[50:04] CashingStacks: yep
[50:05] CashingStacks: we can't win
[50:07] CashingStacks: you won't listen
[50:08] CashingStacks: nobody will
[50:11] CashingStacks: if you guys would group mid
[50:13] CashingStacks: this game would be over
[50:13] CashingStacks: so fast
[50:14] CashingStacks: I'm afk now
[50:16] CashingStacks: good luck guys
[50:31] CashingStacks: yep
[50:32] CashingStacks: gg
[50:33] CashingStacks: I'mk done
[50:53] CashingStacks: god this is so ****ing sick
[50:57] CashingStacks: so ****ing sick
[51:14] CashingStacks: I'm so sick right now
[51:15] CashingStacks: For some reason
[51:17] CashingStacks: All of you guys on this team
[51:19] CashingStacks: Decided to listen to vayne
[51:21] CashingStacks: Instea dof me
[51:25] CashingStacks: You guys just saw
[51:28] CashingStacks: How we could of ended
[51:29] CashingStacks: If you all
[51:31] CashingStacks: marched down mid
[51:33] CashingStacks: EVERYBODY
[51:34] CashingStacks: GROUP
[51:34] CashingStacks: MID
[51:38] CashingStacks: This is the last time
[51:40] CashingStacks: I swear to ****ing god
[51:42] CashingStacks: I'm about to blow up
[51:49] CashingStacks: group mid
[51:50] CashingStacks: or i'm done
[52:05] CashingStacks: I give no ****s
[52:06] CashingStacks: About LP
[52:08] CashingStacks: I give no ****s
[52:10] CashingStacks: I will lose this game
[52:13] CashingStacks: Just out of purpose
[52:17] CashingStacks: no
[52:35] CashingStacks: JUST
[52:36] CashingStacks: GROUP
[52:37] CashingStacks: MID
[52:39] CashingStacks: IM SO ****ING SICK OF TYPING
[52:42] CashingStacks: IF YOU GUYS WOULD JUST LISTEN
[52:43] CashingStacks: 1 ITME
[52:46] CashingStacks: We woiuld of ended
[52:47] CashingStacks: 30 minutes ago
[52:51] CashingStacks: ALL MID
[52:52] CashingStacks: RUSH MID
[52:55] CashingStacks: I DONT CRA BOUT iT
[53:01] CashingStacks: NO ITS NOT
[53:03] CashingStacks: RUSH MID
[53:04] CashingStacks: RUSH MID
[53:06] CashingStacks: OMFG
[53:07] CashingStacks: XERAHT
[53:08] CashingStacks: fs
[53:10] CashingStacks: Good job
[53:13] CashingStacks: Good job exerath
[53:13] CashingStacks: Ic
[53:17] CashingStacks: I can't carry this ****
[53:18] CashingStacks: WTF
[53:20] CashingStacks: XERATH??
[53:21] CashingStacks: HELLO??
[53:23] CashingStacks: GUYS???
[53:38] CashingStacks [ALL]: XERATH

2 days ago

In situations like this it is sometimes difficult to assess what we can and cannot share about particular bugs. If the bug caused a significant exploit that would be open to take advantage of, we would not want to draw attention to it for obvious reasons. In this case, as Meddler said, it is an issue where Azir's ult could disable turrets if aimed in a certain direction.

A debugging team and a QA team are working around the clock to resolve this one, but I don't have an ETA for you as yet.

EDIT: Azir was disabled quite late into the evening of last night EU time, and we couldn't pick up the bugs until this morning.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by PlymJim View Post
Yet your american counterparts passed this information on nearly 11 hours ago.
The American counterpart is Meddler, a champion designer. He is much closer to the source of this information than I am.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Ningiszhida View Post
Why weren't the bugs picked up on the PBE?
Good question! This is something that worries me too and I will be following up on it later today.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Morgana Freemans View Post
he is disabled..
I mean more in the sense that if the bug opened up an exploit, like, for example: "Azir's sound files were bugged due to malicious activity", we may be drawing attention to the fact that other sound files are at risk.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Gorwrathe View Post
Man, it's the middle of the night, probably best to go to bed. I don't know what hours riot workers keep, but I'm sure their "problem solvers" are home by now.
You'll be surprised how late some of us work...

2 days ago

Originally Posted by He who made you View Post
Is there any estimate as to how long he will be disabled, wondering if i should stay up late to try him or go to bed and wake up early.
He won't be re-enabled tonight. Beyond that depends on how the potential hotfix patch tests.

2 days ago

Qdoba has queso, therefore it is better. End of thread.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Just Mids Smurf View Post
Hey do you guys know about the bug where his soldiers grant the enemy team vision?
We've seen a couple of mentions, haven't seen it ourselves yet though. Do you have a link to a video or way to reproduce it by any chance? Would love to get that fixed too, either in a hotfix in the next patch depending on what's involved, how frequent it is etc.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by Wyldegunner97 View Post
Apparently there is also a bug where Azir can kill enemies without seeing them.

Thanks for the link. Just checked with the Azir team, we've got a fix for that in progress as well.

2 days ago

We've disabled Azir because of a bug where his ult can permanently stop an enemy tower from shooting. We're working on a fix for that and are looking get him re-enabled as soon as we can. Apologies this has happened, realize it can be quite frustrating.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by ImMoistForYou View Post
Lyte, you clearly don't understand and I don't expect you to. But, "Red port" "fgt" etc is banter. Red portal is an pvp area in a game called "runescape" where players fight for other plays items, And me and my friends were talking in all chat bantering back and forth. I remember thisgame, too. Completely 100% out of context.

As for the "3 minions and one big one" I was supporting my friend as thresh probably.
There is no context where throwing around racial or homophobic slurs is "OK." If you don't agree with that, spend your time elsewhere. The community nearly unanimously agrees that that type of language is simply not welcome here.

2 days ago

Originally Posted by ImMoistForYou View Post
For talking smack to my friends I am in a Q with, that is how our relation ship is. I swear to god. Please hear me out. I've known these guys for a couple of years now, and we talk **** to communicate. I can almost 100% Promise you that I got banned by the person that wasn't in our Q. The only thing I remember talking to without being in a Q without anyone, is an 1 ascension game as Nidalee, and I didn't swear or anything. I just told the guy he was toxic and I proceeded to ignore my team. Take my logs from my smurf (To Bad I) and My main (ImMoistForYou) and I can 100% assure you that the people I EVER talk trash to is my friends (Contronyms, Contromyns, Luketheenraged, Somsarmy)
It doesn't matter if you had 1 friend in the game, when you're saying these types of things to other players in the game:

[1:18] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: **** you
[10:19] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: ill just go afk
[10:27] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: k cya
[10:50] ImMoistForYou: make sure you report me bronze ****
[10:54] ImMoistForYou: report your dumbass for feeding
[10:56] ImMoistForYou: ****ing c*nt
[11:09] ImMoistForYou: i'd hang myself
[11:10] ImMoistForYou: if i was bronze

2 days ago

Originally Posted by ImMoistForYou View Post
I literally can't remember saying anything bad on my smurf, and I didn't ever deny anything wrong being said on my main, I just said 95% of my games don't look like the typical case.
Even saying the things you do in 5% of your games is extremely unacceptable given that the community doesn't say those types of things in their games, period. You've also already received numerous chat restrictions and warnings. Given that it's unlikely that you'll reform, and the examples in your account chat logs are actually pretty horrendous (and is in the bottom 1% of the community), I've permanently closed your accounts.

For example, there's dozens and dozens of examples where you use similar toxic language. I'll specifically pull up examples where you're talking to someone who isn't your friend, and is on the other team:

[1:45] ImMoistForYou: don't tell him what to do
[1:47] ImMoistForYou: fgt
[2:19] ImMoistForYou: u suck
[5:45] ImMoistForYou: katarina = feeder
[9:08] ImMoistForYou: you act as if I give a **** if we lose
[18:35] ImMoistForYou: **** up idiot
[23:32] ImMoistForYou: afk
[33:35] ImMoistForYou: 3 minions and u got one big one
[33:36] ImMoistForYou: f*ggot


[0:22] ImMoistForYou: **** kid
[1:51] ImMoistForYou: ****ing p*ssy
[6:22] ImMoistForYou: this is ****ing annoying
[22:58] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: you suck
[23:07] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: suck my dick
[25:04] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: you are in bronze
[25:13] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: you are ****
[25:47] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: ******


[18:23] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: he's literally ****ing blind
[31:41] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: ****ing retarded penguin


[0:24] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: Say that to me a red port f*ggot
[0:41] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: **** u up ese
[0:58] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: vayne u ****in c*nt
[12:42] ImMoistForYou [ALL]: the **** u just say to me f*ggot

3 days ago

When the Tribunal is back up, you'll once again receive Reform Cards that detail more clearly what led to your ban. However, right now, Tribunal is in upgrade mode so Reform Cards are not being sent.

You should receive a 2nd e-mail explaining that the ban was for excessive verbal toxicity, which is why you were banned.