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Crash/bug splat

Every minute, i kid you not. Need help, this is starting to get atrocious, never happened before this dumb patch.

45 months ago

Hey guys, at what point are you bug splatting? Is it when you finish champ select when the game begins to launch? After the loading screen? Or some point during the game?

Also, try running the repair function (the cog when you first open LoL before you click Play) and let me know if that corrects the issue.


45 months ago

Thanks for posting all of the information everyone. We have multiple individuals looking in to this so the details are helpful.

Could you guys please attach your logs next time you bugsplat/crash? That could help us track down the issue.

Thank you and I'm sorry you are dealing with this =( I know it sucks!

45 months ago

Originally Posted by Seatee View Post
Attaching some logs in hope this will get fixed.

These are my r3d logs from today. I was going to attach network logs too, but all of the ones created today seem to be just empty files.
Thanks for providing your logs.

These appear to be the crash inside Intel drivers. Unfortunately Intel are no longer supporting this video card with drivers. Given that this is 3rd party related on a device they are no longer supporting with updates, we will continue to investigate this issue however I can't promise a fix.

Note that crashes occur for different reasons. Different people may have different reasons for crashing. So someone else looking at this don't assume this is the solution for you if you don't have a " Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family" graphics card running driver

The top crashes we have at the moment are hardware related followed by missing files and finally miscellaneous programs that have been installed including lol.replay.

I would be able to give a more accurate assessment if I could get bugsplat crash numbers.

45 months ago

Originally Posted by Seatee View Post
Thanks for the response. It is a really old graphics card, but it was working perfectly until the most recent patch.

The most recent bug splat crash reports that I have submitted are: #13510990 and #13514295
It's a different issue then I expected however still Intel GPU related. Right now there are not enough bugsplats of this particular bug for it to be considered hotfix worthy however we are looking into it. There are some bugs in those Intel drivers that only occur under weird combinations of things, so sometimes we can find ways to rearrange things to prevent crashes on these cards.

45 months ago

Just an update. We are still looking at one particular crash bug. Fixing this won't resolve everyone problems because there are infinite variables when it comes to windows machines. It is not something that we can solve quickly.

Please provide your bugsplat crash numbers so we can look them up. I can't look at everyone, as
each one takes sometime and I'd have no time to work on critical issues.

However I try to at least spot check as many as I can.

45 months ago

Originally Posted by Skopiteri View Post
First I started spectating a game with an account and pc crashed, now I enter with another account and I see myself online "Spectating" in the other account, also try to start a custom game and...

Bug splat: #13915109
This is a crash in your nvidia graphics card. All reports of this for this patch for this particular crash come from your IP address (although there are a few different user names entered) so I assume that you might need to either try changing your drivers, changing your video card or figure out if there is some program running that you don't want running.

Also for others... one way you can help yourselfs is to identify groups of commonality... ie do you have the same graphic cards? OS version? Crash at the same spot?

These can be seen in the r3dlogs. Once you've narrowed down where you think a problem is it makes it easier to figure out how to solve the problem.

45 months ago

Originally Posted by IHAVEASHARK View Post
OK.. So apprently I read the logs and stuff and it says the "rads\solutions no such directory could be found"

And now I click on on the maestro-game client it tells me that NO CONNECTION COULD BE MADE BECAUSE THE TARGET MACHINE ACTIVELY REFUSED IT

Then it justs says

Error: unable to connect to server
Error: Cannot send message when MessageAgent isn't started
How are you running the game? You should be running lol.launcher.exe.

Originally Posted by IHAVEASHARK View Post
Edit: Apprently I'm missing IMEConfig.xml
This is not causing the an issue, everyone gets this.

45 months ago

Originally Posted by Endicott View Post

is there a fix in development for the intel users that run xp? or are we just SoL? Please give me a straight answer so i can either wait to continue enjoying this game, or stop wasting my time and find a new one that I can play.
We are looking into it. We don't have a solution at this time.

45 months ago

Originally Posted by Amarik View Post
and one other I didn't get the error report number on.
OS is XP service pack 3
not sure of graphics card or divers.
Like so many others, the game worked at least most of the time before the newest patch.
This is what looks like the Intel graphics windows XP crash. We are looking into this. Those video cards are not supported anymore by Intel so we have to work around issues with their drivers.

43 months ago

Hey everyone - after a lot of troubleshooting we have narrowed down a few crashes that are occurring during loading. We will be getting them fixed and out to you as soon as we are confident that they won't make anything worse. Unfortunately, we cannot compensate for any leaves or losses. Once you are experiencing issues, try to test whether or not it is resolved by creating a custom game and loading in there, instead of playing Russian Roulette with a live matchmade game! That is the best thing you can do to prevent leaves/losses/frustration - take caution whenever you start having issues and spend a few minutes making sure you're not experiencing issues. If you are, come here and report them and/or submit a ticket to Player Support. Obviously we strive to minimize problems for our players but as you guys are well aware, it's an ongoing process and sometimes you get the short end of the stick. Thanks for staying with us and communicating your problems here - any and all data is useful to help us solve crashes and bugs.